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End Gaza Siege


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:: ONU - XX Assemblea Generale (1965):
La XX Assemblea Generale dell’ONU (1965) dichiara "la legittimità della lotta da parte dei popoli sotto oppressione coloniale, per esercitare il loro diritto all' autodeter-
minazione e all'indipendenza".
Inoltre, l'Assemblea invita "tutti gli Stati a fornire assistenza morale e materiale ai movimenti di liberazione nazionale nei territori coloniali".

:: ONU - Risoluzione 1514
"L'Assemblea Generale dichiara che: la soggezione dei popoli a dominio straniero, conquista e asservimento costituisce una negazione dei diritti umani fondamentali, è contraria alla Carta delle Nazioni Unite ed è un impedimento alla promozione della pace e della cooperazione mondiali.
Tutti i popoli hanno diritto all' autodeter-
minazione; in virtù di tale diritto essi devono liberamente determinare il loro status politico e liberamente perseguire il loro sviluppo economico, sociale e culturale".

:: Convenzione di Ginevra, Protocollo Addizionale I (1977):
La lotta armata può essere usata, come ultima risorsa, come mezzo per esercitare il diritto all' autodeter-

:: Tribunale penale internazionale
In base allo Statuto del Tribunale penale internazionale, sono definiti “crimini di guerra”:
(1) attacchi lanciati intenzionalmente contro popolazione civili in quanto tali o contro civili che non prendano direttamente parte alle ostilità;
(4) attacchi lanciati intenzionalmente nella consapevolezza che gli stessi avranno come conseguenza la perdita di vite umane tra la popolazione civile, e lesioni a civili o danni a proprietà civili ovvero danni diffusi duraturi e gravi all’ambiente naturale che siano manifestamente eccessivi rispetto all’insieme dei concreti e diretti i vantaggi militari previsti.

:: Iraq anthem
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Video of Border Police Beating Cousin of Martyred Palestinian Boy, Authorities Pursuing Israeli Suspects in Abu Khdeir Murder
Richard Silverstein

July 5, 2014 - Nana has published a video (featured in this Hebrew article) of the brutal beating of U.S. citizen, Tariq Khdeir, the cousin of Mohamed Abu Khdeir, who was murdered by Israeli extremists a few days ago in East Jerusalem. His parents says he was in the yard of his uncle when he was assaulted mercilessly by two Border Police wielding truncheons. They repeatedly kicked and beat him in a display videotaped for posterity. I’ve tweeted to AP State Department correspondent Matt Lee asking him to bring this up at the Monday press briefing....
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Autopsy: Murdered Palestinian Boy Burned Alive
Richard Silverstein

July 5, 2014 - Mohamed Abu Khdeir was kidnapped by suspected Israeli settler extremists and murdered two days ago in revenge for the killings of three Israeli youths in the West Bank. Today, the Palestinian pathologist who participated in the autopsy declared he found smoke in Mohamed’s lungs, meaning he was still breathing and alive when he was set on fire. The finding was that he died by burning. This particular death in all its horror shows the cold, vicious brutality that is at the heart of today’s Israel. Those who run the country and their policies represent hate and murder and little else. But I don’t want this post to focus on the nihilism of that Israel...
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Wayward Drones and Other Tales
by Christopher Brauchli

July 5, 2014 - ...One camera operator gave a chronically nervous pilot of a predator drone a helpful piece of advice while the pilot was waiting to take off: "Stop saying 'uh oh’ while you’re flying. It’s never good. Like going to the dentist or a doctor. . .oops. What the f—-you mean oops?" According to the Post report, shortly after this exchange the drone "rammed a runway barrier and guardhouse. "Whoa" the pilot said. "I don’t know what the hell just happened."It would be interesting to know what the pilots who have accidentally killed civilians in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and other places say when they realize their mistakes. Probably something more than "oops" or "I don’t know what the hell just happened." We will probably find out as the number of drones continues to climb and kill...
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The Evil That Was Phoenix
by Ron Jacobs

July 5, 2014 - There’s a reason the CIA wanted to prevent the publication of Douglas Valentine’s 1986 book, The Phoenix Program: America’s Use of Terror in Vietnam. This masterwork is more than an exposé of the US pacification program in Vietnam the book is titled after. It is an indictment of a cynical and bloody plan to kill Vietnamese. In his book The Family Jewels, author John Prado wrote, "When a (CIA) Publications Review Board lawyer checked to see whether Phoenix was off-limits …, he was advised to caution interviewees not to talk to Valentine." Valentine wrote in an email regarding the CIA’s attempts to stifle his investigation: "There were other form of harassment as well, the kind all investigators of CIA war crimes are subjected to. The midnight calls threatening to kill me or burn my house down. My wife got in the habit of telling the callers to take a number and stand in line. We never took it seriously. Ironically, everything I was doing was legal, and I wasn’t trying to hide anything….
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Who Decides for the Palestinians?
by Kim Petersen

July 5, 2014 - ...Who should decide whether the BDS tactic is correct? The victims or Chomsky? Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but does not elementary morality state that victims should decide upon the proper tactics and what level of suffering they are willing to endure to attain some form of justice? Chomsky says aiming to end the occupation and colonization of all Arab lands occupied in June 1967 and dismantling the Wall "makes good sense." However, the respecting, protecting, and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN Resolution 194 has, according to Chomsky, "virtually no meaningful support" except within the BDS movement. Chomsky is again relying on "international consensus" and "international law." Morality apparently plays little meaningful role, except that Chomsky decries the war crimes and claims concern for the victims. His answer to the victims is, apparently, to accept getting a rump of their original state back. Never mind the refugees and restitution....
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Palestinian boy Mohammed Abu Khdeir was burned alive, says official
Peter Beaumont in Jerusalem

July 5, 2014 - Mohamed Abu Khdeir, the Palestinian teenager who was kidnapped and murdered on Wednesday in a suspected revenge killing by Israeli extremists, was burned alive after suffering a head injury, the Palestinian attorney general has claimed. The allegation is said to be based on initial postmortem findings that discovered soot deposits in his lungs suggesting he was still breathing when he was set on fire. The shocking details, if confirmed, would seem likely to exacerbate already toxic tensions....Saber al-Aloul, director of the Palestinian forensic institute, attended the postmortem carried out by Israeli doctors in Tel Aviv. A'wewy said Aloul had reported that fire-dust material had been found in Khdeir's respiratory canal, which meant "the boy had inhaled this material while he was burned alive". Burns covered 90% of his body...
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Israel and the Palestinian Territories Lonely Planet: Systematic Erasure and Casual Racism
by Alex Shams

July 5, 2014 - Haifa is a picturesque city of hills, gardens, and trendy cafes perched along the slopes of Mount Carmel in northern Israel. If the Lonely Planet guidebook is to be believed, Haifa is notable because Arabs and Jews live in "visible harmony," and residents consider themselves a "model of tolerance" for the region (158). In Israel/Palestine, it seems, all it takes for harmony to prevail is for Arabs and Jews to sip lattes together—or at least close to each other, while speaking in Hebrew of course. After reading this description, the first image one encounters when entering Haifa, then, is a bit of a shock. At the entrance to the city, an impressive collection of ruined, empty, but still quite beautiful houses tower over the main highway..
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UK Drone FoI appeal set to reach Upper Tribunal
By Chris Cole

July 5, 2014 - Later this month Drone Wars appeal against the MoD’s refusal to answer two FoI requests about the use of UK drones in Afghanistan reaches the Upper Tribunal, the highest level of the FoI process in the UK. The first hearing, which will take place on July 21, is to hear oral arguments on whether the appeal should be allowed to proceed. The appeal concerns two requests for information submitted in January and May 2012 in which we ask (in summary) *
which provinces in Afghanistan have UK drone strikes taken place * the breakdown between UK drone strikes launched under daily tasking orders (i.e. pre-planned) and those launched under dynamic targeting procedures (i.e. 'on the fly’).

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Six-month update: US covert actions in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia
Jack Serle and Alice K Ross

July 5, 2014 - CIA drone strikes in Pakistan's tribal area resumed on June 11 with an attack that killed at least four people. The first attack since December 25 2013, this brought to an end the longest pause in drone strikes of Obama’s presidency. Within hours drones attacked again, killing 6-10 people shortly after midnight on June 12. Some reports said this was a follow-up strike on the same site that targeted rescuers. A third attack killed at least four more people on June 18. After the first strike, the Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the violation of its sovereignty. However, a senior Pakistani official told Reuters: 'The attacks were launched with the express approval of the Pakistan government and army.’...
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Iraq : It is time for the damage to be compensated
Geneva International Centre for Justice (GICJ)

July 5, 2014 - On 10 June 2014 the President of GICJ, Hans-C von Sponeck, held a presentation under the title "Iraq – What Next?" during a hearing at the UK House of Commons, London. In his role as former UN Assistant Secretary General and UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq, he provided two detailed observations about the externally-driven Iraq politics during the period 1990-2014. Hans von Sponeck began his presentation by explaining that today’s tragic Iraq reality can only be understood if the additive impact of the years before and the years following the US/UK Governments’ illegal invasion and occupation is fully taken into account. To this end he distinguished 3 distinct time periods that all together have contributed to the current calamity...

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URGENT APPEAL: Attend Palestinian-American child Tarek Abu Khdeir’s court hearing on Sunday to protest his violent beating in Shofat by undercover Israeli police agents

July 5, 2014 - Addameer is deeply concerned about the continued and intensified attacks on Palestinian children, especially in the Jerusalem area, as retribution for the discovery of the bodies of three settlers in Hebron after their disappearance on 12 June. The most recent attack is on Palestinian-American child Tarek Abu Khdeir, aged 15, who was brutally beaten in the yard of his uncle’s home by two undercover Israeli police agents in Shofat last night. Tarek is a United States citizen from Florida who is visiting Palestine on holiday. ...
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Israel’s Self Constructed Image is Crumbling
By Sam Bahour

July 5, 2014 - The reignited cycle of violence in Palestine and Israel provides the Israeli government with exactly what it has been begging for months for, violence. However, for once, Israel may be facing a new fact of life—as the sole military power in the conflict, it has the full ability to start a widespread campaign of violence, but it may no longer be the party who single-handedly decides how it ends. This particular round of violence has the potential to surprisingly end with political progress towards peace. If this new, heartbreaking round of violence is what finally brings an end to the 46 years of Israeli military occupation, then the 11 Israelis and Palestinians who so brutally lost their lives this past two weeks would not have died in vain...
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American teen brutalized by Israeli police 'to be tried Sunday'
Ma'an News

A Palestinian-American teen who was beaten, badly injured, and detained by undercover Israeli police officers in Jerusalem on Thursday is set to be tried Sunday, a rights group said. Tarek Abu Khdeir, 15, was beaten in the Shufat neighborhood at around 8 p.m. by Israeli police in the yard of his uncle's home and arrested without charges, Addameer said on its website Friday. The boy was taken to a police station following the beating, and police delayed treatment of his wounds until 1:20 a.m., when he was taken to Hadassa Hospital.His family was not permitted to see Tarek until he was hospitalized, the rights group said...
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A Palestinian woman fears for her life on the Jerusalem light rail
Ofer Neiman

July 5, 2014 - Amjad Shbita, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, an activist in the Israeli Hadash-Maki party (Jewish and Palestinian socialists), who has also worked at the Knesset as a parliamentary assistant, introduces this harrowing account on Facebook by asking a theoretical question: "Fascists in a colonial regime? Is that a historical precedent?" The account was written by Nijmeh Ali, a woman. It follows, in translation: "The light train in Jerusalem. I am sitting quietly. Some yelling is heard and the train gets stuck. Hundreds, maybe thousands are banging on the windows of the train. "Death to the Arabs", they are chanting. I am scared. I hide behind my sunglasses. I pray that they will not recognize my nationality....
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BBC: killing of 3 Israelis worse than "waves of violence" in Middle East
Amena Saleem

July 5, 2014 - A BBC Middle East correspondent has made the astonishing claim that the killing of three Israeli youths in the West Bank last month is somehow more appalling than "the other waves of violence that we report on across the Middle East." Kevin Connolly’s remarks, which seem to place the murders of three Israeli youths above the thousands of Palestinians killed by Israel during decades of illegal occupation, and above the slaughter in Syria and Iraq, were made during a live exchange on Radio 4’s Today program on Tuesday.Connolly was responding to a question from Today presenter John Humphrys as they discussed the discovery of the bodies of Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach the previous day...

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Israel holds US boy without charge after police nearly beat him to death
Rania Khalek

July 5, 2014 -Fifteen-year-old Palestinian-American Tariq Abukhdeir, cousin of recent lynching victim Muhammed Abu Khudair, was brutally beaten by masked Israeli police on Thursday evening in the Shuafat neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem. He has since been arrested and held without charge and denied medical treatment, according to his family and human rights organizations.The United States Consulate in Jerusalem has informed Tariq Abukhdeir’s family that they have little recourse beyond following Israeli legal procedures, Suhad Abukhdeir told The Electronic Intifada over the phone from Tampa, Florida.Suhad is Tariq’s aunt and has been receiving updates from Tariq’s parents every few hours...
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Video: Israeli shoves Palestinian woman into lake “just because”
Ali Abunimah

July 5, 2014 - This video is not particularly graphic, but it is shocking for the underlying hatred this act of violence reveals.It was posted on the Israeli "StatusHunter" Facebook page on 4 July with a comment from Facebook user Daniel Libman: For whoever still needs proof of how sick our country is, here’s this video. The place: Sakhne [hot springs in the north of present-day Israel]. What happened: a Jewish woman pushes an Arab woman into the water, just because. The video was uploaded by May Nachman. When asked in a comment if the woman she shoved was elderly, she responded, "No just some effing Arab, 30 years old tops." To someone who commented that it was inappropriate she responded: "Have a laugh, don’t be square." After a few more LOL-type comments she added: "If I get kidnapped because of this clip, come and save me."
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Award-winning Palestinian novelist declares co-existence “a lie”
Sarah Irving

July 5, 2014 - Sayed Kashua, the award-winning Palestinian author of Dancing Arabs, Let it be Morning and Exposure, who famously writes in Hebrew, has branded the idea of co-existence between Israeli Jews and Palestinians "a lie."
Kashua, who writes a regular satirical column in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, used his most recent contribution to describe the experience of Palestinian parents in Jerusalem after the kidnapping and murder of Muhammad Abu Khudair earlier this week. In the wake of calls for violent revenge against Palestinians coming from all quarters of Israeli society after the killing of three Israeli youths in the occupied West Bank, he declared the impossibility of co-existence under the State of Israel and that "this is really the end, it’s finished."...
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Kidnapped Palestinian teen was burned to death, autopsy shows
Ali Abunimah

July 5, 2014 - The Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu Khudair who was kidnapped and murdered in Jerusalem early on Wednesday morning was burned to death by his killers. The news of the horrifying manner in which Muhammad was killed came on the same day that thousands of people turned out for his funeral in the Shuafat neighborhood of eastern occupied Jerusalem where he lived.Palestinian Authority Attorney General Muhammad Abdul Ghani al-Aweiwi told the official Palestinian news agency Wafa that the preliminary autopsy report states that the remnants of a burned substance (soot) was present in Muhammad’s respiratory passages and lungs, indicating he had inhaled the substance while being burned alive....
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Iraq Inherits Israeli Practices via US Occupation
by Haifa Zangana

June 5, 2014 - ...The Israeli racist policy is based on emptying the cities of Palestinians, and re-drawing the map of Palestine accordingly. It uses all means to expel population including recurring raids, searches and mass arrests. The Israeli regime keeps inventing ways to cover its actions with legality, frequently changing laws to get rid of the Palestinian people. 'Administrative Arrest’ means the detainee doesn’t know the charge, or the detention period, which might extend to years. This is the very same policy currently practiced by the Iraqi regime, through recurrent raids on houses and arbitrary arrests without warrants or charges. It mostly ends up using Terrorism Law Article 4 based on secret informant’s testimony. And the outcome in Iraq is execution. There are more than 40 charges punishable by execution. That’s what being arrested often means in the "New Democratic Iraq". There are attested 30.000 prisoners in Iraq, including 4500 women who were sexually and physically abused, in many cases raped, according to the reports of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Geneva International Centre for Justice...
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Not the Iraq I remembered
By Jamal Kanj

June 5, 2014 - ...Having stated the obvious, no one should however indulge too far on blaming the "outsider" for the problems of the Arab World. For many of the Arab leaders and political parties continue to exploit and feed the public divide across sectarian lines to preserve power and influence.This was not the Iraq I experienced at a young age attending high school in Baghdad where I was housed in a Sunni suburb and attended school in the Shia part of town. I was driven hundreds of miles to visit Shia holy places by a Sunni friend, and was given a tour of a Sunni mosque by a Shia Iraqi classmate. Inarguably, the American invasion seeded the division by leaving behind a sectarian "democracy", but it is the Iraqi leaders from all political and religious spectrums who perpetuated the religious and ethnic divide long after the Americans have left...
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Syria News - July 4 , 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Local Coordinating Committees of Syria

July 4 , 2014 - By the end of Friday, LCC has documented 32 martyrs including 3 women, 4 children and 6 martyrs under torture. 10 martyrs were reported in Idlib, 7 in Damascus and its suburbs, 5 in Hama, 5 in Daraa, 3 in Aleppo, 1 in Raqqa and also 1 martyr in Lattakia...
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Saudi Arabia deploys 30,000 soldiers to border with Iraq - al-Arabiya TV

July 4, 2014 - Saudi-owned al-Arabiya television said Saudi Arabia had deployed 30,000 soldiers to its border with Iraq on Thursday after Iraqi forces abandoned the area, but Baghdad denied pulling forces back and said it remained in full control of its frontier.Saudi Arabia, the world's top oil exporter, shares an 800-km (500-mile) desert border with Iraq, where Islamic State insurgents and other Sunni Muslim militant groups seized towns and cities in a lightning advance last month.The U.S.-allied kingdom overcame its own al Qaeda insurgency almost a decade ago and is wary of any new threat from radical Sunni Islamists...
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Locals: Settlers try to kidnap 7-year-old in Beit Hanina
Ma'an News

July 4, 2014 -- Israeli settlers attempted to kidnap a seven-year-old Palestinian child in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina overnight Thursday, locals said.Witnesses told Ma'an that four settlers from Pisgat Zeev tried to kidnap Muhammad Ali al-Kiswani while he was playing in the neighborhood late Thursday after breaking the Ramadan fast.Children in the area alerted family members, who thwarted the attack, according to witnesses. The settlers fled on foot, locals said....
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Baghdad : Al-Malikis' army executed a civilian in cold blood after being arrested at one of the checkpoints
mohmmed alfath

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Collective Punishment and Israeli State Terror
Nathan Goodman

July 4, 2014 - When someone commits a violent crime against another person, the perpetrator should be held accountable. Not the perpetrator’s family or roommates, not those of the same race or nationality, not those with similar political views, not those who live in the same geographical area. Collective punishment is immoral. It is a war crime under the Geneva Convention and it constitutes aggressive violence that all who care about individual rights should abhor. But in response to the deaths of these teenagers, the Israeli government chose to engage in it. Israeli soldiers demolished the homes of Marwan al-Qawasmeh and Amer Abu Aisheh, suspects in the abduction and killing of the Israeli teenagers. This punishment was inflicted without trial. The demolitions terrorized innocent family members and neighbors and damaged their property...
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Video: Israeli Settlements Explained
AJ+ Labs

July 4, 2014 - In the Occupied West Bank, half a million Israelis live in over a hundred settlements built on Palestinian land. The government of Israel says it has a right to build these settlements; the rest of the world disagrees. Find out why Israelis choose to live on occupied land, how they affect Palestinians, and why, despite international condemnation, the settlements continue to grow...
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Syria Protests July 4, 2014 : A Video Roundup

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The Ghosts of Colonial Powers
The Haunting of Iraq and Palestine


July 4, 2014 - After almost a century, the seeds of the on-going death, destruction and violence in the Middle East that began during WWI can be directly traced to two historic documents that continue to provide the foundation for US foreign policy in the Middle East. Almost one hundred years after the flawed Sykes-Picot and Balfour documents, the tragically long suffering peoples of Iraq and Palestine, both betrayed by the British in 1916, still live with a sorrow and anguish that offers little hope for peace and reconciliation. More than just a mere historic misjudgment, the McMahon-Hussein letters of 1915 bear witness to the role of deliberate British deception throughout the annexation of Palestine and its ultimate treachery during the Arab revolt (1916 – 1918)...
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Andy Worthington’s Interview about Guantánamo and Torture for Columbia University’s Rule of Law Oral History Project
Andy Worthington

July 4 , 2014 - On Independence Day in the US, I’d like to direct readers to a wonderful resource, The Rule of Law Oral History Project, undertaken by the Columbia Center for Oral History at Columbia University Library in New York. The project’s website explains that The Rule of Law Oral History Project was "initiated in 2008 to explore and document the state of human and civil rights in the post-9/11 world. In its first year, the project conducted a series of interviews with attorneys in order to document legal challenges against capital punishment in the United States. Recognizing important intersections between litigation challenging the administration of capital punishment and the legal architecture of post-9/11 detention policies and practices, the Rule of Law Oral History Project expanded in 2010 to study the statutory and constitutional challenges of the use of the detention facilities at Guantánamo Bay." ....
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Fanning the Flames of Hate: Israeli Officials in Their Own Words (10 Examples)

July 4, 2014 -On Wednesday, the body of a Palestinian teen was found in a wooded area of the city after he was forced into a car by unknown assailants near his home earlier in the day. He is widely believed to have been killed by Israelis in response to the killing of three Israeli teens, who disappeared in the occupied West Bank last month and were buried on Tuesday. Following Mohamed Abu Khdeir's murder, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials condemned the killing and called for calm. However, critics, including Mohamed's family, have blamed Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders for helping to foment an atmosphere of virulent anti-Arab racism, demands for violent revenge, and physical attacks against Palestinians that have swept much of the country in recent days....

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Justifying Occupation
Understanding Israel’s Actions


July 4, 2014 - It is essential that US citizens understand that this conflict should not continue to be viewed as a symmetrical one anymore. When they do not hear about it, there are vicious violations of international law against Palestinians every day; including closures/blockades, settlement activities (population transfer on account of our land and natural resources), displacement, killings, detention and torture. We were all occupied by the developments in the past few days, and shocked to find out about killings. The Israeli government kept from us all that the three settler teenagers were killed from the first day because they wanted to carry out a large military operation in the occupied Palestinian territory. This operation saw hundreds of Palestinians arrested, tortured, killed and injured. Dozens of attacks were also directed at the besieged Gaza Strip. Incitement to violence and hatred went very high....
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Gitmo detainees demand same religious rights as Hobby Lobby

July 4, 2014 -Two hunger-striking Guantánamo Bay detainees have asked a US court to count them as 'persons’ with religious free exercise rights, in the wake of a new Supreme Court decision extending those rights to US craft store chain Hobby Lobby.The prisoners – Emad Hassan of Yemen and Ahmed Rabbani of Pakistan, both detained at the prison without charge or trial since 2002 – have this week asked the DC District Court to intervene after the prison's military authorities prevented them from praying communally during Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims. Monday’s landmark religious rights decision by the Supreme Court decided that Hobby Lobby, a privately-held chain of craft-supply stores said to be run on "Biblical principles," counted as a 'person’, and enjoyed the right to 'free exercise’ of religion under US law....
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Ministry: 640 Palestinians detained during arrest campaign
Ma'an News

July 4, 2014 - Over 640 Palestinians have been detained during an arrest campaign launched by Israel following the disappearance of three Israeli youths on June 12, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said this week.The figures include 59 prisoners released in the 2011 exchange deal for captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, and 11 members of the Palestinian parliament.Over 170 of those detained have been sentenced to administrative detention. A least six Palestinians have been killed during the arrest raids as Israeli forces have raided thousands of locations in the West Bank everyday since June 12....
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The Beginning of the End of Palestinian Security Coordination with Israel?
by Tariq Dana

July 4, 2014 - While Mahmoud Abbas’s infamous speech at the conference of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has sparked widespread condemnation and outrage among Palestinians, it has also provoked renewed questioning of the increasingly suspicious role of the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) security sector. In his speech, Abbas defended security coordination with Israel under any and all circumstances, claiming that such coordination is a "Palestinian national interest." Meanwhile, he had previously characterized it as "sacred." Criticism of the PA’s security coordination with Israel is not new....
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Israeli cabinet makes move to strengthen hold on Jerusalem
By Haley Paladino

The Israeli Cabinet approved an $87 million (NIS 300 million) plan for enhanced Israeli security, economic development, infrastructure and education in East Jerusalem. The plan's stated purpose is to thwart "any possibility that the city would be divided as part of a future accord," and echoes Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennet's plan to annex East Jerusalem and Area C, essentially undercutting any possibility of a two-state solution, according to Ha'aretz.
The plan comes after a report on East Jerusalem, commissioned by the Prime Minister's Office, Shin Bet, the Israeli Construction and Housing Ministry, Jerusalem Police Department, and several other agencies, found violence in East Jerusalem to be the result of the Israeli government's inability to "govern areas under its sovereignty effectively" and calls for "uncompromising enforcement and punishment against those who seek to undermine Israeli control in these areas."...
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IDF Appoints New Commander of Shayetet 13, Commando Unit Responsible for Mavi Marmara Massacre
Richard Silverstein

July 4, 2014 - Israel, the land of smoke and mirrors, named a new commander for its elite Shayetet 13 naval commando unit eight months ago. Shayetet 13 is the equivalent of SEAL Team 6, which assassinated Osama bin Laden. The Israeli force was responsible for the murder of nine Turkish activists on the Mavi Marmara. Out of fear of exposure to the gaze of the International Criminal Court, and to protect their security, Israel refuses to publicly name many of its military commanders or security officials. Eight months ago the Israeli media called him "G." I called him by his real name, Lt. Col. Gur Schreibman. The officer has been involved with many high profile counter-terror operations including the Mavi Marmara. He also received a special Chief of Staff citation for his service during Operation Cast Lead. One wonders who he had to assassinate to earn that. Peace activists have given him a different type of "honor:" he’s ranked 67th out of 200 on a list of Israeli military commanders involved in Cast Lead...
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US-Iran Colonialism: The Empire of Evil Goes ‘Public’
by Khalil Issa

July 4, 2014 - ...US president Barack Obama mockingly said on the CBS morning show: "When you get dentists farmers and folks who have never fought before going up against a ruthless opposition in Assad… the notion that they were in a position to suddenly overturn not only Assad but also ruthless, highly trained jihadists if we just sent a few arms is a fantasy." Such words surprised many of those who thought about the Syrian revolution through false assumptions where United States of America was considered to be an enemy of Iran. Only those who understood the truth of the swift and continuous US-Iranian collusion to colonize Iraq since 2003 in order to transform it into a US colony and a semi-Iranian theocratic colony-and before that the colonization of Afghanistan since 2001- understood the lies that were shed on Arab ears about a supposedly US-Iranian confrontation in Syria and Lebanon...
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Who are the Real Barbarians?
Another Liberation of Iraq!


July 4, 2014 - It goes without saying that very little space has been available in the media, whether Arabic or international, for Iraqi voices that challenge the dominant rhetoric about the situation in Iraq.Under the dark shadow of US "War on Terror", the crimes and massacres of 11 years of Iraq invasion, occupation, the killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and the daily oppression carried out by a sectarian kleptomaniac regime, have been covered up, not just by a garb of democracy but also by the media’s silence coined the "Iraq fatigue", only to be looked at, in the last few weeks, to be reduced yet to a fight against terrorist organisation called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ( ISIS), supported by ( take your pick) either one or all the following countries, no matter how bizarre the notion is: Saudi Arabia, Qatar , and Israel not forgetting Turkey . Once again, as in 2003 feverish drumming up for war, desperate Iraqis who are trying to defend themselves against a ruthless regime that uses the pretext of combating terrorism as a ploy to silence critical voices have been sidelined, not to be heard and not to be seen....
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The brutality of occupation

July 4, 2014 -Set up to investigate alleged human rights abuses of Iraqis by British troops in the aftermath of a firefight in 2004 and costing over £22 million, the al-Sweady public inquiry is set to report in the autumn. Citing a lack of evidence, in March lawyers representing Iraqi families withdrew their claim that British troops had killed unarmed Iraqis they had captured and brought back to their army base in southern Iraq. However, while the headline allegation has been dropped, the inquiry has unearthed some shocking behaviour.
One British soldier testified that his sergeant fired around 30 rounds into a "pile" of Iraqi bodies: "He put a full magazine of bullets into both bodies that had been twitching but he also fired into the bodies of the other dead gunmen in the ditch. The bodies of the two twitching gunmen stopped twitching." ...

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Jerusalem “angry and determined” after Palestinian teen’s brutal murder
Nora Barrows-Friedman

June 4, 2014 - This week on The Electronic Intifada podcast: Weeks of raids, invasions, attacks and killings by Israeli forces and Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank: we’ll speak with an eyewitness to recent violence in Jerusalem’s Shuafat neighborhood after a 16-year-old Palestinian boy was kidnapped and murdered on Tuesday. Read transcript and listen to individual segment. Ayed Abu Eqtaish of Defence for Children International - Palestine talks about Israel’s policies of collective punishment and the attacks against Palestinian children over the last three weeks...
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Videos: savage beating by Israeli police in neighborhood where murdered teen was kidnapped
Ali Abunimah

July 4, 2014 - Two videos have emerged showing Israeli police brutally beating a Palestinian youth in the Shuafat neighborhood of eastern occupied Jerusalem.The disturbing videos appear to show the same incident from different angles.The area has been rocked by protests since local teenager Muhammad Abu Khudair was abducted and murdered early on Wednesday, in an apparent reprisal for the killing of three Israeli teenagers whose bodies were found in the occupied West Bank on Monday.The footage at the top of this post was broadcast on the television channel Palestine Today. This video uploaded to YouTube appears to have been created by someone pointing a camera at a TV set tuned to Palestine Today...
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Summer in Palestine: An episode of escalation
Linah Alsaafin

July 4, 2014 - The discovery of the bodies of the three missing settlers on Monday June 30 north of Hebron is drawing what the Israeli army termed "Operation Brother's Keeper" to a close. Regarded by many as a guise to target and finish off the Hamas movement in the West Bank, the operation brought to light several factors worth mentioning. First, and not for the first time, the Israeli army and their politicians have manipulated the Israeli public by counting on their united stance of fearing for their security and a desire for punitive action to be undertaken, illustrated through the public's encouragement and "righteous" justification to the collective punishment meted out by the army on the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. However, during the entirety of the past three weeks, the Israeli army and politicians had information that led to the "logical assumption that the teens were no longer alive" but kept it hidden from Israeli society in the form of a media gag in order to exploit the missing settlers as a pretext for its largest incursion of the West Bank in over a decade....
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Syria News - July 3 , 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Local Coordinating Committees of Syria

July 3 , 2014 - By the end of Thursday the Coordination Committees were able to document 20 martyrs in Syria including : 3 Women, 5 Children and 6 martyrs under torture :10 martyrs were reported in Aleppo;7 in Hama; 7 in Idlib; 6 in Damascus and its Suburbs; 4 in Daraa; and 4 in Homs...
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Hundreds of Bangladeshi workers tortured by the Iraqr army for being Sunni

July 3, 2014 -Hundreds of Bangladeshi construction workers have been beaten and humiliated by soldiers in Iraq after becoming dragged into their host country's sectarian conflict, two of their colleagues said Thursday.Some had their beards shaved off by the mainly Shiite Muslim troops after being accused of sympathising with Sunni insurgents while one of them was stripped naked, according to the men after they returned home."They abducted the Bangladeshi cleric from our camp mosque last Thursday and when he was released on Saturday, you could see torture marks all over his body," Raqibul Islam told AFP in an interview in Dhaka."They burnt his beard with cigarettes and then cut it off with knife. His body was also beaten with stones."He was tortured because he is a Sunni. He was returned only after we stopped work and protested his abduction," he added...
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Video: Todd Pierce Discusses the Lawlessness of Guantánamo’s Military Commissions on “London Real
Andy Worthington

July 3, 2014 -I’ve been meaning for some time to post a video of my friend Todd Pierce, a retired major in the US Army JAG (Judge Advocate General) Corps, being interviewed on the "London Real" show run by US ex-pat — and former banker — Brian Rose.Todd retired from the US military in November 2012, but he had previously been involved in representing two prisoners charged in the military commissions at Guantánamo, which, for prosecuting alleged war criminals in the "war on terror," were revived by the Bush administration in November 2001 based on their use on would-be Nazi saboteurs in World War II. They were then ruled illegal by the Supreme Court in June 2006, revived again by Congress in the fall of 2006, and revived again under President Obama in 2009....
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Iran Wants Someone To Run Shi'ite Iraq For Them - And This Might Be The Man They'll Choose
Allan Smith

July 3, 2014 - Ahmad Chalabi, the controversial Iraqi exile who took millions from the CIA while forging relationships with powerful Iranian political and intelligence figures, is now in the discussion to become the replacement for current Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, who the United States clearly wants to step down.And this move is all about Iran positioning itself to become the major player in the Shi'ite regions of Iraq. Iran has been sending surveillance drones over Iraq, and is providing the government-backed military with manpower and arms. There is also an Iranian intelligence unit that has been deployed in the region to intercept communications between the leadership of ISIS, the Sunni extremist group that's taken over much of Iraq's north and west. But Iran's involvement goes beyond simply aiding a neighboring government. There are strategic underpinnings to what it's doing, which is where a figure like Chalabi could become important...
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Shades Of Syria: Fears Maliki Will Follow The Assad Model In Iraq
“This started under the banner of fighting terrorists but changed to attacking the city.”

Mike Giglio

July 3, 2014 — Past the blast walls of the Green Zone in central Baghdad, in the lobby of a mostly empty hotel, Liqaa Wardi, an MP from the city of Fallujah, swiped through photos of corpses on her iPad. She got them from the director of Fallujah’s main hospital, she said, and they showed the mangled victims of government shelling and air strikes."This is one family," she said. "This is a baby. And this is a boy, I think. These are two children. And these are of the city — and how they destroy it."Fallujah fell to Sunni militants in January, shaking Iraq even before extremists overran its second city of Mosul last month. The Iraqi military has been pounding Fallujah since — hitting insurgents, but also wreaking havoc on residents. "The victims are usually civilians," Wardi said...
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In Wake of Murders, Israel Considers More Settlements and Strikes on Gaza
The Real News Network

July 3, 2014 -....Well, my question is: where does this all end? We have an out-of-control Israel, which, you know, is--the scope of debate, as Lia describes it accurately, is between steal more land or bomb more Palestinians. And the likelihood is that they will end up doing both. And there seems to be no internal breaks that can change the disastrous course Israel is headed on. And there is also no international peace process. I mean, the peace process that collapsed was a sham anyway and served as a cover for ongoing Israeli colonization....

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Inside Job: Ex-Power Player Pounds Imperial Poobah
Chris Floyd

July 3, 2014 - Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, delivers a blistering attack on his former Bush Regime colleague Dick Cheney -- and the idea of rapacious empire that Cheney serves and embodies -- in language rarely seen in the mainstream press from a thoroughly entrenched Establishment figure... Of course, Wilkerson's boss, the lifelong imperial factotum Powell, was deeply complicit in the launching and administering of the vast war crime in Iraq. Indeed, it was largely Powell who sealed the deal for war, with his outrageously mendacious performance at the UN, using doctored testimony and ridiculous visual aids to convince the world of Iraq's non-existent WMD arsenal. Powell's "testimony" helped sway many of the still-wavering "liberal" figures in Establishment politics and media that the war was necessary and just....

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Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (26 June – 02 July 2014)
The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)

July 3, 2014 - Summary: Israeli violations of international law and international humanitarian law in the oPt continued during the reporting period (26 June – 02 July 2014). Shooting: During the reporting period, Israeli forces killed 4 Palestinians, and wounded 31 others; 19 of them were in the West Bank while 12 others were in the Gaza Strip. The wounded persons included 5 children and 4 women, including the Palestine TV reporter, in occupied Jerusalem. An old woman died of a heart attack when the Israeli forces raided her house and obstructed transferring her to the hospital for medical treatment. In one of the most heinous crimes committed by Israeli settlers against Palestinian civilians in the oPt, a group of Israeli settlers kidnapped Mohammed Hussein Abu Khudair, 16, from the vicinity of his family’s house in Shu’fat neighbourhood in the north of occupied Jerusalem, subjected him to brutal torture, and then killed him. In the Gaza Strip, Israeli warplanes conducted 24 air strikes, and the Israeli ground forces conducted 5 shooting incidents along the border fence. Moreover, Israeli naval forces carried out 2 shooting and chasing incidents. In the West Bank, on 01 July 2014, an Israeli undercover unit killed a Palestinian civilian in Jenin refugee camp in the north of the West Bank when the area was completely quiet....
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“We will annihilate Saudi Arabia”: LUBP’s interview with ISIS aka Da’ish

July 3, 2014 - We are publishing English translation of LUBP’s special interview with the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria (ISIS, now renamed as IS) that has recently claimed to restore the Caliphate (Khilafa) in parts of Iraq and Syria. The interview was conduced by Abdul Nishapuri, former editor of Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP) web site, on 3 July 2014. The interview reveals that the ISIS or Da’ish consider Saudi and Pakistan armies as apostates and American agents....
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Hamas denies link to murders of Israeli students
Adnan Abu Amer

July 3, 2014 - Palestinians and Israelis have been living in uncertainty in the past three weeks following the murders of three Israeli teen settlers and Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir. The discovery of the bodies of the three Israeli settlers has opened the door to further speculation as to what actually happened, for Israel insists Hamas was responsible, while Hamas continues to deny involvement.Al-Monitor spoke with a senior Palestinian officer involved in coordination with his Israeli counterparts in the West Bank to answer lingering questions after the settlers’ bodies were found and Hamas was accused of kidnapping and killing them....

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US Sends Special Forces to Northern Iraq
Troops Setting Up Joint Operations Base in Kurdistan

by Jason Ditz

July 3, 2014 - Though the majority of US ground troops in Iraq remain in and around Baghdad, a group of special forces has been sent northward into Kurdistan to set up a second "Joint Operations Center" in Irbil. Setting up a center in Kurdistan is an odd choice, since the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is nearing secession from Iraq, and certainly wouldn’t allow Iraqi ground forces in for "joint" missions with the Americans. It also goes against what US officials say is the primary focus of their "advisory" mission right now: assessing the Iraqi military. Officials say the troops in Baghdad are doing that, but the ones in Irbil are far away from any Iraqi military personnel...

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In Heinous Crime by Israeli Settlers, Palestinian Child Kidnapped, Tortured and Killed and His Body Mutilated in Occupied Jerusalem
The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)

July 3, 2014 - The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns in the strongest possible terms the crime of kidnapping, torturing, killing and burning a Palestinian child, Mohammed Abu Khudair, from Shu’fat neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, by Israeli settlers. PCHR believes that the Israeli authorities’ connivance with crimes committed by Israeli settlers, supporting and protecting them, and failing to enforce the law against them serve to encourage them to commit more systematic crimes against Palestinian civilians. While PCHR views positively the statement by Robert Serry, the Envoy of the UN Secretary General to the Quartet, strongly condemning the crime of killing the child, it calls upon the international community to immediately act to provide protection to Palestinian civilians in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt)....
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Israeli Police Falsely Report Murdered Palestinian Boy Was Gay, Flooding Social Media with Disinformation
Richard Silverstein

July 3, 2014 - Yesterday night, I noticed several Israeli Facebook users infecting my feed with false claims that Mohamed Abu Khdeir, the 16 year-old who was murdered by suspected Jewish terrorists, was killed in an honor crime because he was gay. With the help of an Israeli friend, I traced the rumor to, of all places, the Israeli police (Hebrew). They leaked (Hebrew) this false information to the media, which dutifully reported it as if it was true (it wasn’t). The police claim (made anonymously of course) that it had "information" Abu Khdeir was gay was false. But this calumny spread like the wind, and a credulous Israeli public eager to believe the worst of Palestinians and refusing to take any responsibility for their own brethren spilling the blood of a Palestinian, took to social media like a raging plague and spread this bile everywhere....
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Complaint submitted to the United Nations concerning the military detention of Palestinian human rights defender under Israel‘s repressive protest law
Addameer & Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights

July 3, 2014 - Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights (LPHR) and Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association (Addameer) submitted a joint complaint today to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights Defenders (UNSR) concerning the arrest and continued pre-trial Israeli military detention of the Palestinian human rights defender, Mr Murad Shtaiwi, who has been charged under Israel's repressive protest law.Mr Shtaiwi is a prominent Palestinian human rights defender through his work as the primary co-ordinator of the popular committee which organises peaceful protests in Kufr Qaddum. These weekly protests take place to demand the reopening of the main road connecting the village to the city of Nablus, and to express the residents' opposition to the Israeli military occupation and the detrimental expansion of the nearby illegal Israeli settlement of Qedumim...
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Video : Iraq - Al-Maliki's army tortures prisoners
Iraqi revolution

July 3, 2014 - One of the al-Maliki's soldiers says while another is putting salt or lemon powder to torture the prisones (at one point he takes his knife and cuts the back of one prisoner before putting some salt on it) :<> .
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Violence in the West Bank began long before the kidnappings
Samira Shackle

July 3, 2014 - Ever since three Israeli teenagers disappeared from a settlement in the West Bank on June 12, there has been intense anxiety about the repercussions of the event. The search for Naftali Frankel, 17, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Eyal Yifrach, 19 – known as Operation Brother's Keeper – saw more than 2,100 Palestinian-owned buildings in the West Bank searched, and 566 Palestinians arrested, including some who could have had no possible connection to the case. Five people were killed during the search, including a 15-year-old boy shot dead by Israeli soldiers. When the teenagers were found dead, buried in a shallow grave, on 30 June, the situation ramped up...
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Libyan poll sees Islamists losing
Kamel Abdallah

July 3, 2014 -It appears that non-Islamist political forces — such as the National Forces Alliance and the federalist movement — scored significant advances in the general elections that were held on 25 June in Libya while Islamists suffered a sharp setback. Nevertheless, judging by the initial indicators, they will still be assured a place in the forthcoming parliament due to the influence of the tribal factor. Political parties were not allowed to participate in these elections so as to minimise partisan tensions.The Supreme Electoral Commission (SEC) announced that it would take two weeks to tally the ballots that were cast last week. Speaking at a press conference, SEC director Emad Al-Sayeh said that he expects that the official results would be announced in the middle of this month...
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Israel attempting cover up over Jerusalem teen’s killing, family say
Ali Abunimah

July 3, 2014 - The family of Muhammad Abu Khudair, the Palestinian teenager abducted and brutally murdered in Jerusalem early on Wednesday morning, were still waiting for Israeli authorities to return the boy’s body on Thursday night. "They told us to come and pick him up at 5pm. We went at 5 and then they said come back tomorrow," Dr. Mohsen Abukhudeir, Muhammad’s cousin, told The Electronic Intifada by phone from Shuafat in occupied Jerusalem.
"We don’t know what’s happening," he added.Abukhudeir said that the family were outraged at Israeli efforts to cover up for Muhammad’s murderers by spreading false stories and smears.In the first hours after his body was found, Israeli police said that they suspected that Muhammad’s killing was a reprisal for the killings of three Israeli teenagers whose bodies were found in the occupied West Bank on Monday. But since then, as the blogger Richard Silverstein has reported Israeli police leaked to the media misinformation claiming that Muhammad was killed in an honor crime because he was gay....

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Israeli forces attack mosque in village near Salfit, detaining and beating a child
International Solidarity Movement

July 3, 2014 -At 9 o’clock in the evening of July 2nd, Israeli forces invaded the small Palestinian village of Qarawat Bani Hassan, approximately 10 km northwest of Salfit in the northern half of the West Bank. They approached the mosque in the center of town and fired tear gas and stun grenades inside. One witness described the scene as follows: "There were maybe 500 people inside the mosque – many old men, women and children. The tear gas was horrible. It was difficult to breathe. The sound bombs were terrifying, and the children were so afraid."...
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Iraq snapshot - July 3 , 2014
The Common Ills

July 3, 2014 - ...The outrage that sparked the 2011 protests in Iraq was "the disappeared." There were many issues at play but for a protest to last more than a few weeks, it has to have a purpose, a reason to exist. In 2011, it was the family members who were taken away by security forces -- sometimes never charged -- and imprisoned, disappeared with their families unable to locate them or even find out if they were still alive. Nouri al-Maliki was/is Baby Pinochet which is why his apologists and defenders are so damn disgusting....The Iraqi people have suffered under Nouri's corrupt and criminal regime. And the US supplying him with weapons only allow him to terrorize the Iraqi people NINA notes:Hundreds of families were displaced on Thursday from al-Qaim district west of Anbar, to escape the bombing of the aircraft.Local residents told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that hundreds of families have fled since the morning to safer areas due to the aerial bombardment of a number of aircraft, believed to be Sukhoi....
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Israel must be held accountable for its collective punishment of Palestinians
Palestinian BDS National Committee

July 3, 2014 - - Palestinian organisations condemn Israeli operations in West Bank and Gaza as collective punishment. - Palestinians call for military embargo and boycott action. Palestinian boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) activists have are urging governments and international civil society to take action to hold Israel to account for its continued collective punishment of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza following the disappearance and death of three Israeli settlers.Zaid Shuaibi, a spokesperson for the Palestinian BDS National Committee, the civil society coalition that leads and supports the BDS movement, said: "Israel’s on-going actions are designed to terrorise Palestinians and constitute collective punishment. Military violence, collective punishment and the deliberate targeting of civilians are endemic to Israel’s of decades old system of occupation, colonisation and apartheid."...
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Iraq : Prominent Shia cleric supports Sunni uprising
Middle East Monitor

July 3, 2014 - Opposition Shia leader Ayatollah Mahmoud Al-Hassani Al-Sarkhi has announced his support for the uprising of the Sunni tribes in Iraq, insisting they have been "oppressed". Al-Sarkhi, who opposes outgoing Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki as well as Iran, said that he had warned of this revolution several years ago. He insisted that this is a revolution of pure Iraqi Sunnis, not foreigners, referring to ISIS. He described the call by Al-Sistani to fight the rebels a "satanic Fatwa leading to bloodshed". The cleric called for the Sunni rebels not to take a sectarian pathway for their revolution and to be inclusive for all "the oppressed people"....
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Iraq: Defend the Sunni Rebellion against the Maliki Regime and US Imperialism!
Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT),

July 3, 2014 - ...lism. As a result, the US has begun a new military intervention in Iraq. In light of these developments, the central task of socialists is to defend the uprising against the attempts of the Maliki regime, as well as of Washington and Teheran, to crush it. At the same time, reactionary forces like the arch-reactionary Salafist group Islamic State in Iraq and Levante (ISIL – often also abridged as ISIS) must be driven back, since they represent a major obstacle to the building of a non-sectarian resistance of workers and peasants in the Middle East against imperialism and reactionary dictatorships... The recent developments in Iraq have been a major blow to the myth of the petty-bourgeois pro-Assad left. For more than three years now, these forces have been claiming that the reactionary dictatorship in Syria represents an "anti-imperialist camp" while the Syrian rebels were supposed to be pro-imperialist US agents. As it is well known, the Iraqi Maliki regime, as well as Teheran, has been from the beginning of the Syrian Revolution in spring 2011 the closest supporters of Assad – aside from the Putin government of imperialist Russia....

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Going beyond recruiting Palestinian Christians to the military
Ali Badwan

July 3, 2014 -It is common knowledge by this point that the Israelis have long been making a sincere effort to make the enlistment of Palestinian Arabs of various Christian denominations mandatory, especially those living within the 1948 borders. The forum on the task force within the Israeli army recently sent commands to recruit Palestinian Christians living within the 1948 borders under the misguided pretext of volunteering for or in the army. This is the first time that the Israeli army has sent young soldiers to recruit Palestinian Christians living within the 1948 borders. Will Israel succeed in its goals or are they doomed to failure?..
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Syria News - July 2, 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Local Coordinating Committees of Syria

July 2, 2014 - By the end of Wednesday, LCC has documented 35 martyrs in Syria including 2 women, 7 children and 4 martyrs under torture. 11 martyrs have been reported in Daraa, 9 in Damascus and its suburbs, 5 in Alepoo, 4 in Deir Ezzour, 3 in Hama and also 3 martyrs in Idlib....
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VIDEO: Israeli soldiers and settlers attack Palestinians and ISM volunteers in Hebron
International Solidarity Movement

June 2, 2014 - For the past two days in al-Khalil (Hebron) Israeli soldiers have stopped and searched many Palestinians in Tel Rumeida. At approximately 22:00 two nights ago, a colonial settler began aggressively photographing Palestinian children who were playing football in the street on Tel Rumeida hill. Two ISM activists began filming her. She then approached one ISM volunteer and pushed the camera very close to his face.Other settlers arrived and began to harass the Palestinian children and tried to steal their football. The settlers also began to push some of the Palestinians. One settler tried to force entry into a Palestinian shop whilst shouting, "I’m going to butcher you"...
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Poll: Obama worst president since WWII

July 2, 2014 - A plurality of voters think Barack Obama is the worst president since World War II, a new poll says.According to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday, 33 percent of voters think the current president is the worst since 1945.Obama’s predecessor, former President George W. Bush, came in at second-worst with 28 percent, and Richard Nixon was in third place with 13 percent of the vote. After Jimmy Carter, who 8 percent of voters said was the worst president in the time period, no other president received more than 3 percent....

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A pretext for the next stage in Israel's war
Jason Farbman

July 2, 2014 - IN THE early hours of July 1, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) dropped bombs on dozens of sites across Gaza, hours after three missing Israeli settler teenagers were discovered dead. With all of Israel focused on the boys' funerals, Israeli officials used the event as another opportunity to turn reality on its head. The Israeli government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, predictably seized on the boys' disappearance and death as the pretext to raid Palestinian territory, attack Hamas and expand settlements. While Palestinians have suffered relentless collective punishment since their disappearance on June 12, Israel has portrayed itself as the besieged victim...
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On US TV, Israel is 'Striking Back'
By Peter Hart

July 2, 2014 - When Israel attacked Palestinian targets following the discovery that three kidnapped Israeli teenagers had been murdered, the way TV outlets characterized the Israel actions on their July 1 newscasts was instructive.ABC World News and NBC Nightly News adopted the same language....Framing Israel's actions as a form of retaliation is problematic, since the airstrikes, arrests and house raids are directed at people who had nothing to do with the murders....
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Gaza fuel crisis prevents half of ambulances from working
Middle East Monitor

July 2, 2014 -The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced that around 50 per cent of its ambulances have stopped working while the ministry initiates a programme to cope with the acute shortage of fuel in the Strip, Alresalah news website reported. The ministry spokesperson, Ashraf Al-Qudra, told Alresalah that the ministry suffers from an acute shortage of fuel following Israel's escalating aggression against Gaza....
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An accessible look at Darwish’s life and work, at long last
Sarah Irving

June 2, 2014 - It is hard to talk about modern Palestinian culture without mentioning Mahmoud Darwish. The late Palestinian "poet laureate," one of the greatest poets writing in Arabic in the twentieth century, Darwish’s brilliance looms large, six years after his death.It is surprising, then, that until now there has been no accessible account of his life and work. Volumes of academic analysis exist, but with Mahmoud Darwish: The Poet’s Art and his Nation, Libyan poet and critic Khaled Mattawa offers lay readers the first overview of the man, his writing and their place in the cultural landscape.This isn’t a biography. Although one would be fascinating, Darwish always insisted that his poetry should represent his life story..
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Mustafa Barghouti: Israel enacting and allowing a punitive campaign of collective punishment on Palestinians
The Palestine Monitor

July 2, 2014 - The past 24-hours has brought about an unprecedented explosion of settler aggression against Palestinians throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem, said Mustafa Barghouti in an exclusive interview with the Palestine Monitor, adding that we are currently witnessing a very serious qualitative change in the situation, he said. "This is collective punishment. These are acts of revenge. The Israeli military is behaving like a gang, and it is allowing illegal settlers to conduct a war of terror against Palestinians," said Barghouti. After the killing of three Israeli teens in the West Bank, the Israeli began conducting a massive campaign of collective punishment across the occupied territories, Barghouti said. ..
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After finding settler boys’ bodies, Israel demolishes houses, kills one Palestinian and calls for new settlement construction
The Palestine Monitor

June 2, 2014 - The Israeli teens that went missing in the West Bank more than two weeks ago were found dead near the village Halhoul late Monday evening.
Eyal Yifrah, 19, Naftali Fraenkel, 16, and Gilad Shaar, 16, disappeared on June 12 as they were hitchhiking home from Kfar Etzion, a settlement between Bethlehem and Hebron. Israel’s search for the three teenagers has been the biggest military operation in the West Bank since the Second Intifada.The Israeli cabinet held an emergency meeting on Monday night. On Tuesday morning, the military launched air 34 raids on the Gaza Strip after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that the Gaza-based Hamas group would pay for the settlers’ murders...

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Omar Khadr Shouldn't Have Been Charged With War Crimes, Secret U.S. Memo Suggests
By Colin Perkel, The Canadian Pres

July 2, 2014 - A previously secret memo on CIA involvement in drone killings is casting new doubt on whether the American government had any legal basis to prosecute Canada's Omar Khadr for war crimes.In fact, Khadr's lawyers argue in new filings to the U.S. Court of Military Commission Review, the document by the Dept. of Justice emphatically rejects any such legal foundation, and say his convictions at Guantanamo Bay should be set aside immediately.The memo — produced in July 2010 in relation to the drone targeting of U.S. citizen Anwar Al-Awlaki — only came to light last month after a court ordered it disclosed in a hard-fought freedom of information case by the New York Times and the American Civil Liberties Union...
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The US, Iran, Russia-Syria and the geopolitical shift: Anything for the region’s oppressed?

July 2, 2014 - But ultimately even for Israel, as for the US, restabilisation is necessary. And this can only occur with the core of the current Syrian regime in one way or another maintaining power. And the irony of the current situation is that, while on a regional level Israel’s saber-rattling has long been directed against distant Iran and the pretence that it has nuclear weapons which threaten Israel , on the more local level Israeli and Iranian interests partly coincide in Syria, much more so than either do with Saudi/Gulf interests. I know that this is disputed (and certain individual Israeli leaders have said different), but at a fundamental level it is true – they both prefer the Assad regime, or some modification of it, over a victory EITHER of secular, democratic revolution OR Saudi-aligned Sunni Islamists OR Sunni jihadists a la Al-Qaida, OR any combination of these, especially if any of those alternatives were to come anywhere near the Israeli-stolen Syrian Golan Heights – which the Assad regime has protected without a shot being fired in 40 years, a policy Israel does not trust any of the alternatives to continue with...For these reasons, and others, the fantasies of Israeli-Saudi alliances being pushed by the conspiracist wing of the left and the tabloid wing of imperialist journalism are impossible....
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For Ramadan, Please Write to the Prisoners in Guantánamo, Forgotten Again -
Andy Worthington

July 2, 2014 - Every six months, I ask people to write to the prisoners in Guantánamo, to let them — and the US authorities — know that they have not been forgotten.The letter-writing campaign was started four years ago by two Facebook friends, Shahrina J. Ahmed and Mahfuja Bint Ammu, and it has been repeated every six months (see here, here, here, here, here and here). This latest campaign also coincides with the holy month of Ramadan, which began on June 29.Guantánamo remains a legal, moral and ethical abomination, a place where the men still held — 149 in total — are, for the most part, indefinitely imprisoned without charge or trial, even though over half of them — 75 men — were cleared for release in January 2010 by the high-level, inter-agency Guantánamo Review Task Force established by President Obama when he took office in 2009, and three others were cleared for release in recent months by a new review process, the Periodic Review Boards...

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One of More Chilling Post-9/11 Political Prosecutions, Case of Sami Al-Arian, Appears to Have Ended
By: Kevin Gosztola

July 2, 2014 -A political prosecution against a Palestinian-American activist and University of South Florida professor, which began in February 2003, appeared to come to an end on June 27 as the United States government announced it was dropping all charges against him. Sami Al-Arian’s family declared in a statement, "We are glad that the government has finally decided to drop the charges.""It has been a long and difficult 11 years for our family in what has ultimately been shown to be a political case," they added. "We are relieved that this ordeal finally appears to be at an end. We hope that today’s events bring to a conclusion the government’s pursuit of Dr. Al-Arian and that he can finally be able to resume his life with his family in freedom."...
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Report: Israel has detained 3,000 Palestinian children since 2010

July 2, 2014 - Israeli forces arrested nearly 3,000 Palestinian children from the beginning of 2010 to mid-2014, the majority of them between the ages of 12 and 15 years old, Addustour newspaper published a new report saying yesterday.The Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights' report documented dozens of video recorded testimonies of children arrested during the first months of 2014, pointing out that 75 per cent of the detained children are subjected to physical torture and 25 per cent faced military trials.The report revealed details of the children's suffering, starting with the arbitrary arrests which are in violation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child to which Israel ratified in 1991. The report listed a series of violations practiced by Israeli forces against children during the arrest process itself, where the Israeli forces raid the children's homes after midnight as they sleep using actions that terrorise the child and his family, without clear justification or an actual security need...
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Yet another step toward a police state
FaceBook Experiments with Manipulating Your Mind

Alfredo Lopez

July 2, 2014 -How does the news on the Internet make you feel?What sounds like a frivolous question, the kind you might be asked in a bar after a few drinks, is actually a profound and powerful one. If the Internet's content can affect your feelings, the manipulation of that content can exert powerful social control.So for a week in 2012, Facebook, in collaboration with Cornell University and the University of California at San Francisco, set out to explore that possibility. It edited the content seen by a select 689,000 of its users, overloading its news feed content with positive news for some users and negative news for others and then studied their posts in reaction without their knowledge...
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Israeli forces arrest freed Palestinian activist in the occupied West Bank
Middle East Monitor

July 2, 2014 - Israeli occupation forces arrested on Wednesday 21-year-old Palestinian activist Bushra Taweel after raiding her home in Al-Bireh city in central occupied West Bank, Saffa news agency reported. Taweel is a former prisoner who was freed as part of the 2011 Shalit deal. Local sources said that, "A large Israeli military force raided the house of Hamas leader Jamal Taweel in the Umm Sharayet neighbourhood in Al-Bireh and ransacked its contents." The sources described how the Israeli soldiers then brutally arrested his daughter Bushra and took her to an unknown location...
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The Aftermath: Home demolitions and dead Palestinian teen follow Netanyahu call for revenge
Allison Deger

July 2, 2014 - "There are not many Arabs driving with yellow plates," said Mier Sh’aribi, 18, detailing his methods for flagging Israeli cars at the Gush Etzion intersection where three youths were abducted 19 days prior. Sh’aribi, an Israeli settler who lives in East Jerusalem, was hitching a ride to the funeral for the teens whose remains were found Monday evening in a field not 15 minutes from where he stood. In the two days since, the West Bank couldn’t be more chaotic: Israel has struck 34 targets in Gaza and reinstated the practice of punitive home demolitions, which had been abandoned after the second Intifada. But none of this mattered to Sh’aribi who said the kidnapping was not going to change his way of life. He will continue to attend religious school in Hebron. "Things happen, things happen here, things happen in houses, things happen everywhere," he said....
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The death by drone memo: a throwback to U.S. terrorism in Nicaragua
Rémi Brulin

July 2, 2014- On September 30, 2011, Anwar al-Aulaki, a radical Islamist cleric and an American citizen, was killed in a targeted drone strike in Yemen. Among the many legal questions raised by such an act, a most important and intriguing one relates to the legal status of certain CIA activities given the existence of 18 USC 119, a federal statute which prohibits the (actual or attempted) murder of an American citizen by another American citizen outside of the United States. The Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) memorandum providing the Obama administration’s rationale for the strike was released last week, the result of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the ACLU and the New York Times...
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How the public was manipulated into believing the teens were alive
Noam Sheizaf

July 2, 2014 -Details under gag order could have suggested early on that the abducted teens were murdered. The government-led campaign calling for their release helped the legitimacy of Israel’s military operation in the West Bank. Local and even international media played along.The following issue is not the heart of the kidnapping affair, the Israeli military operation or its aftermath — but it does carry an important lesson, especially for journalists. The bottom line is this: the Israeli public has been manipulated. Details of the ’100′ call (the local equivalent of 911) and what investigators discovered in the car used for the kidnapping of three Israeli teens earlier this month were well known by security service heads, top ministers — and even journalists — early on in the affair; but not by the public because it was all placed and kept under a tightly held gag order...
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