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End Gaza Siege
End Gaza Siege


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:: 108218Videos: savage beating by Israeli police in neighborhood where murdered teen was kidnapped (nd, 10-jul-2014 01:20 ECT)
:: 108217Summer in Palestine: An episode of escalation (nd, 10-jul-2014 00:31 ECT)
:: 108215Syria News - July 3 , 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos) (nd, 10-jul-2014 00:09 ECT)
:: 108214Hundreds of Bangladeshi workers tortured by the Iraqr army for being Sunni (nd, 10-jul-2014 00:02 ECT)
:: 108213Video: Todd Pierce Discusses the Lawlessness of Guantánamo’s Military Commissions on “London Real (nd, 09-jul-2014 23:08 ECT)
:: 108212Iran Wants Someone To Run Shi'ite Iraq For Them - And This Might Be The Man They'll Choose (nd, 09-jul-2014 22:55 ECT)
:: 108211Shades Of Syria: Fears Maliki Will Follow The Assad Model In Iraq
“This started under the banner of fighting terrorists but changed to attacking the city.” (nd, 09-jul-2014 22:43 ECT)
:: 108210In Wake of Murders, Israel Considers More Settlements and Strikes on Gaza (nd, 09-jul-2014 21:38 ECT)
:: 108209Inside Job: Ex-Power Player Pounds Imperial Poobah (nd, 09-jul-2014 19:34 ECT)
:: 108208Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (26 June – 02 July 2014) (Gaza, 09-jul-2014 18:26 ECT)
:: 108207“We will annihilate Saudi Arabia”: LUBP’s interview with ISIS aka Da’ish (nd, 09-jul-2014 18:21 ECT)
:: 108206Hamas denies link to murders of Israeli students (nd, 09-jul-2014 17:52 ECT)
:: 108205US Sends Special Forces to Northern Iraq
Troops Setting Up Joint Operations Base in Kurdistan (nd, 09-jul-2014 17:49 ECT)
:: 108204In Heinous Crime by Israeli Settlers, Palestinian Child Kidnapped, Tortured and Killed and His Body Mutilated in Occupied Jerusalem (Gaza, 09-jul-2014 17:45 ECT)
:: 108203Israeli Police Falsely Report Murdered Palestinian Boy Was Gay, Flooding Social Media with Disinformation (nd, 09-jul-2014 17:30 ECT)
:: 108202Complaint submitted to the United Nations concerning the military detention of Palestinian human rights defender under Israel‘s repressive protest law (nd, 09-jul-2014 17:24 ECT)
:: 108201Video : Iraq - Al-Maliki's army tortures prisoners (nd, 09-jul-2014 17:08 ECT)
:: 108200Violence in the West Bank began long before the kidnappings (nd, 09-jul-2014 16:47 ECT)
:: 108199Israel attempting cover up over Jerusalem teen’s killing, family say (nd, 09-jul-2014 16:19 ECT)
:: 108198Libyan poll sees Islamists losing (nd, 09-jul-2014 16:33 ECT)
:: 108197Israel attempting cover up over Jerusalem teen’s killing, family say (nd, 09-jul-2014 16:19 ECT)
:: 108196Israeli forces attack mosque in village near Salfit, detaining and beating a child (nd, 09-jul-2014 15:54 ECT)
:: 108195Iraq snapshot - July 3 , 2014 (nd, 09-jul-2014 02:44 ECT)
:: 108194Israel must be held accountable for its collective punishment of Palestinians (nd, 09-jul-2014 02:39 ECT)
:: 108193Iraq : Prominent Shia cleric supports Sunni uprising (nd, 09-jul-2014 02:13 ECT)
:: 108192Iraq: Defend the Sunni Rebellion against the Maliki Regime and US Imperialism! (nd, 09-jul-2014 01:51 ECT)
:: 108191Going beyond recruiting Palestinian Christians to the military (nd, 09-jul-2014 00:56 ECT)
:: 108190Syria News - July 2, 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos) (nd, 09-jul-2014 00:49 ECT)
:: 108189VIDEO: Israeli soldiers and settlers attack Palestinians and ISM volunteers in Hebron (nd, 09-jul-2014 00:23 ECT)
:: 108188Poll: Obama worst president since WWII (nd, 08-jul-2014 23:58 ECT)
:: 108187A pretext for the next stage in Israel's war (nd, 08-jul-2014 23:00 ECT)
:: 108186On US TV, Israel is 'Striking Back' (nd, 08-jul-2014 22:42 ECT)
:: 108185Gaza fuel crisis prevents half of ambulances from working (nd, 08-jul-2014 22:26 ECT)
:: 108184An accessible look at Darwish’s life and work, at long last (nd, 08-jul-2014 22:01 ECT)
:: 108182Mustafa Barghouti: Israel enacting and allowing a punitive campaign of collective punishment on Palestinians (nd, 08-jul-2014 21:56 ECT)
:: 108181After finding settler boys’ bodies, Israel demolishes houses, kills one Palestinian and calls for new settlement construction (nd, 08-jul-2014 21:50 ECT)
:: 108180Omar Khadr Shouldn't Have Been Charged With War Crimes, Secret U.S. Memo Suggests (nd, 08-jul-2014 21:42 ECT)
:: 108179The US, Iran, Russia-Syria and the geopolitical shift: Anything for the region’s oppressed? (nd, 08-jul-2014 21:28 ECT)
:: 108177For Ramadan, Please Write to the Prisoners in Guantánamo, Forgotten Again - (nd, 08-jul-2014 21:22 ECT)
:: 108176One of More Chilling Post-9/11 Political Prosecutions, Case of Sami Al-Arian, Appears to Have Ended (nd, 08-jul-2014 20:34 ECT)
:: 108175Report: Israel has detained 3,000 Palestinian children since 2010 (nd, 08-jul-2014 20:27 ECT)
:: 108174Yet another step toward a police state
FaceBook Experiments with Manipulating Your Mind (nd, 08-jul-2014 20:22 ECT)
:: 108173Israeli forces arrest freed Palestinian activist in the occupied West Bank (nd, 08-jul-2014 18:52 ECT)
:: 108172The Aftermath: Home demolitions and dead Palestinian teen follow Netanyahu call for revenge (nd, 08-jul-2014 18:49 ECT)
:: 108171The death by drone memo: a throwback to U.S. terrorism in Nicaragua (nd, 08-jul-2014 18:42 ECT)
:: 108170How the public was manipulated into believing the teens were alive (nd, 08-jul-2014 15:33 ECT)
:: 108169Suspected revenge killing of Palestinian teen comes after intense incitement (nd, 08-jul-2014 12:23 ECT)
:: 108166Media whitewash Israeli lynch mobs that preceded murder of Palestinian teen (nd, 08-jul-2014 02:39 ECT)
:: 108165Israelis call for Arab member of Israeli parliament to be killed (nd, 08-jul-2014 02:26 ECT)
:: 108164Arafat Jaradat and the man behind his autopsy (nd, 08-jul-2014 02:03 ECT)
:: 108163Syria News - July 1, 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos) (nd, 08-jul-2014 01:36 ECT)
:: 10816275-year-old woman hospitalized after Israeli army sprayed her home with “skunk” water (nd, 08-jul-2014 01:23 ECT)
:: 108161Press freedom victim of Israeli military campaign (nd, 08-jul-2014 00:52 ECT)
:: 108160No-Fly List Appeals System Declared Unconstitutional; No-Fly is No Fair (nd, 07-jul-2014 23:33 ECT)
:: 108159NSA Allowed to Spy On Pretty Much Anyone, Anywhere, Documents Reveal (nd, 07-jul-2014 23:08 ECT)
:: 108158Israeli Government and Press Knew Teenagers Were Dead for Weeks (nd, 07-jul-2014 22:48 ECT)
:: 1081579/11 trial dealt blow as defendant asks for alleged CIA torture records (nd, 07-jul-2014 18:51 ECT)
:: 108156Iraq snapshot - July 1, 2014 (nd, 07-jul-2014 18:08 ECT)
:: 108155Obama sends more US troops to Iraq (nd, 07-jul-2014 17:58 ECT)
:: 108154Iran: Arrogance and the supreme leader (nd, 07-jul-2014 17:47 ECT)
:: 108153Collective Punishment and the Value of Israeli vs. Palestinian Lives (nd, 07-jul-2014 17:26 ECT)
:: 108152More Dead Children in Palestine (nd, 07-jul-2014 17:23 ECT)
:: 108151Israel opens gates to collective reprisals for youth murders (nd, 07-jul-2014 17:17 ECT)
:: 108150Abu Ghraib Torture Victims May Sue U.S. Corporation, Appeals Court Rules (nd, 07-jul-2014 17:07 ECT)
:: 108149Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Civilian in Jenin, Destroy 2 Houses in Hebron and Launch Airstrikes on Targets in the Gaza Strip (nd, 07-jul-2014 16:51 ECT)
:: 108148Ethnocracy: Who Owns the Land of Israel? (nd, 07-jul-2014 15:58 ECT)
:: 108147The Lives of Israeli/Palestinian Youth: Is One Worth More Than the Other? (nd, 07-jul-2014 13:24 ECT)
:: 108146What is July 4th to US imperialism? What is it to the Oppressed? (nd, 07-jul-2014 13:19 ECT)
:: 108145Slanted ‘New York Times’ story accepts Israeli blame of Hamas as fact (nd, 07-jul-2014 04:39 ECT)
:: 108143What did Israeli officials know about the missing teens, and when did they know it? (nd, 07-jul-2014 04:35 ECT)
:: 108142Israel needs no proof to kill Palestinians for teens’ death, Israeli colonel says (nd, 07-jul-2014 04:31 ECT)
:: 108141Knesset passes first reading of bill that allows force-feeding hunger striking prisoners (nd, 07-jul-2014 04:24 ECT)
:: 108140Religious group calls on Iraqis to support rebels (nd, 07-jul-2014 04:16 ECT)
:: 108139Syria News - June 30 , 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos) (nd, 07-jul-2014 04:12 ECT)
:: 108138The everyday toll of demolitions in Jiftlik (nd, 07-jul-2014 04:03 ECT)
:: 108137Guantanamo Prisoners Were Granted Access to US Courts Ten Years Ago Yet Indefinite Detention Continues (nd, 07-jul-2014 03:17 ECT)
:: 108136Gazans only allowed into West Bank if relative is “dead, dying or getting married” (nd, 07-jul-2014 03:13 ECT)
:: 108135John V. Walsh, Ralph Nader and the right-left alliance — no thanks (nd, 07-jul-2014 03:10 ECT)
:: 108134Ramadan, Socialism and the Neighbour’s Beat-up Car (nd, 07-jul-2014 02:51 ECT)
:: 108133Iran, Qatar to Cooperate against 'Terror' (nd, 07-jul-2014 02:45 ECT)
:: 108132Interview, with a revolutionary military leader in Iraq (General Mizher Al-Qaissi) (nd, 07-jul-2014 01:31 ECT)
:: 108131UK journalist threatened with arrest under Terrorism Act for filming protest (nd, 07-jul-2014 01:08 ECT)
:: 108130Iraq: Maliki’s Assad Moment (nd, 07-jul-2014 00:20 ECT)
:: 108129Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution Bulletin no. 232 Sunday 29th June, 2014 (nd, 06-jul-2014 23:49 ECT)
:: 108127Use of Pilotless Drones for Assassinations Violates the Rule of Law (nd, 06-jul-2014 23:36 ECT)
:: 108126Despite UN calls, no justice for children living near Israeli settlements (ndc, 06-jul-2014 23:08 ECT)
:: 108125Obama seeks $2 billion to speed up deportation of child immigrants (nd, 06-jul-2014 23:04 ECT)
:: 108124Ethnic cleansing in the Golan Heights (nd, 06-jul-2014 22:00 ECT)
:: 108123Divided Israeli Cabinet Debates ‘Harsh Retaliation’ Against Gaza (nd, 06-jul-2014 21:04 ECT)
:: 108122The case for a BDS coalition (nd, 06-jul-2014 20:56 ECT)
:: 108121Israel approves plan to tighten controls over East Jerusalem (nd, 06-jul-2014 19:10 ECT)
:: 108120Syria News - June 29 , 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos) (nd, 06-jul-2014 18:35 ECT)
:: 108119US Presbyterians under Pressure for Doing Their Christian Duty (nd, 06-jul-2014 18:29 ECT)
:: 108118Military Resistance 12F15 Circling the Drain (nd, 06-jul-2014 18:20 ECT)

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