What Are The Biggest Wins?

What are the biggest wins? Gambling can be hit or miss but sometimes when ordinary people risk some of their hard earned cash it can transform their lives in a couple of hours or seconds for that matter. Especially when we consider some of the biggest wins of all-time for online gaming.

Life After Big Wins

You may be wondering, what are the biggest wins? There have been lots of people that have won huge payouts when gambling online. The biggest online gambling winner was a man named Jon Heywood from England. He was playing an online slot machine called Mega Moolah which netted him a total of ā‚¬17,879,645!

How does a person celebrate a win like this? They asked him what she was going to do with all the money and his response was, ā€œIā€™m going to help my family pay medical bills but also use the money to buy a brand new luxury car.ā€ Who could resist buying a car after winning all that money?

A Tragic Blessing

There seems to be a myth around winning a big jackpot. However, it is not as glorious as it is made out to be. People that generally come into a windfall of cash tend to lose it within a couple of years. This is called the curse of the jackpot. A lot of people actually even regret winning saying that they wish that they had thrown the “virtual coin” away for lots of different reasons.

With all the money that comes with winning a big jackpot comes an enormous responsibility. Lots of people who win are extremely reluctant to even disclose that they were the ones to win. Old friends and people you haven’t spoken with in ages come around and try to get a piece of the pie. You are the newest celebrity because you have lots of money and people hope they you might bestow some of it into their bank account.

What are the biggest wins? One of the biggest wins online!

Going for Gold

Now that we have answered the question, what are the biggest wins? We can see that winning big isn’t the grandest thing that can happen. A lot of people would probably wish for something like winning an online jackpot. However, it might come with a lot more baggage than excepted. There is even a method and counsellors that you can contact if you do win a jackpot, so your life doesn’t get out of your control.